2022 Wedding Wait List!

Wedding booking for 2022 will open in the early fall of 2021 and is first come, first serve. Eager to get your foot in the door for your date?? No problem!

Add your name to your wedding date on my calendar to instantly be added to my 2022 Wedding Wait List!

How it works:

Click "BOOK NOW" below, and find your wedding date on my calendar.

Please select the *earliest* time slot available on your date and this will serve as your place holder! Then proceed to check out!

Placeholders begin for each date at 7:00am and continue on in 15 minute increments.

Example: Booking at 7am = 1st person to be contacted. 7:15am = 2nd person to be contacted. And so on :)

When 2022 booking officially opens, I will begin contacting brides, first come first serve, in order of wait list position for each date.


Each bride will have 48 hours to respond to begin the process of locking their booking in before the next bride on the list is contacted and

given the opportunity to book the date.

PLEASE NOTE: Adding your name to the wait list does not confirm your booking. It is simply a placeholder to give you the best possible opportunity to officially book once my 2022 calendar opens. All official wedding day bookings require signed contracts and deposits.

Please see my wedding services page for more details.