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Thinking of booking your wedding day beauty with me?? That's great!!

Here's a little bit of info to help you decide whether or not you think I'd be a good fit for you!

Sound good? AWESOME!! LET'S DO THIS!

A little bit about me - I'm very organized, but also super fun, a little silly and very laid back - but with just enough Type A mixed in to make sure everything runs super smoothly for your big day. I love to laugh and have a good time, and will always bust a move during wedding morning prep if the tunes are playing :)


A little bit about how I run my wedding day biz - It's very important for me to not only get to know you, but also to get to know all of the members of your party before the wedding morning. Because of this, I always send out Style Q&As about a month before the wedding to every person receiving a service with me. They help me to learn a little bit about everyone's personality, how they know you, and what they hope to look like for your wedding day. There are even places to upload example photos of looks that they love! From there I will contact anyone individually via email if they have any questions or concerns about their service(s) with me, to help ease any nervousness and make sure we're all on the same page before the big day arrives. It's super fun because come wedding day it feels like we've all already met!! After I've gathered everyone's information, I'll use it to create the ideal morning schedule for you and your group! 

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